Cheyenne Cody

Christian Artist/Singer

He put a new song in my mouth; a hymn of praise to our God.  Many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord.    Psalm 40:3

Artist Bio

Cheyenne Cody loves to use her God-given gift of song to minister to the hearts of people, leading them into the presence of the Lord.  Influenced by her father, a minister who sang in local groups and on the radio as a young man, Cody shares the same passion to sing for God's glory.

Cody grew up listening to Gospel music from Billy Graham crusades, Jimmy Swaggart, the Gaithers, Blackwood Brothers, the Imperials and others.  Singing since she was a young girl, traveling to churches and singing with her family, Cheyenne's heart for music has stayed with her into her adult years.  She participated in choirs whenever possible and developed her gift in choral competitions and solo contests.  At her father's urging, she began singing solos in church at the age of 15, ministering in song and touching the hearts of God's people.  She later became part of a worship team and grew into the role of worship leader.  She also directed a Children's Choir and was able to leave a lasting impression of the joy of music and ministering for God on the children's lives she touched.
God has placed a calling and a passion within Cody, and she believes that God has opened some doors and will continue to open doors for her to spread the news of Jesus Christ.  Cody has sung in churches, nursing homes, county fairs and festivals and will go wherever there is an open door.Cody has a repetoire that offers a variety of music; praise and worship, contemporary, traditional, and those favorite southern gospel songs that still stir the hearts.  Her desire is to touch people's hearts and minister to their needs, to provide hope, illustrate God's love for them, and usher them into the presence of God.

People are truly moved by her work. At a recent memorial service of a dear friend, she sang “His Eye is on the Sparrow.”  The song touched many of the attendees. Responses included the comment, “I’ve never before heard anyone sing that as well as George Beverly Shea!”


Artist Statement

I feel music can touch the very soul of people.  It can provoke them to sing, dance, smile, heal, love and cry!  I also believe that God is the author of music. God has called us to worship Him and music is an important form of worship.
In the music I sing, I strive to be the vessel of God’s anointing, touching the hearts of those who listen. Whether they are new or older songs, I look for those songs that touch me, songs that lead me to worship the Father and honor Him.  Often the old Gospel songs that I grew up on, often touch people more than any others, and therefore incorporate some of the old southern Gospel songs of my youth touch people more than others, and I therefore incorporate them into the music I sing.
God has given me a heart to minister to people's needs.   I long to be the voice that lifts their eyes to the One who carries them through; the One who loves them unconditionally; the One who NEVER fails.  I strive to speak to their needs, but also to bring them to a place of Thanksgiving and Worship.
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